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Pastor Alex Flores

Meet Our Staff


Pastor Alex Flores has served Grace Baptist Church since 2006. For the first nine years, as a youth pastor and since October 2014, our senior pastor. He was born in Guatemala city, Guatemala and then moved to Niagara Falls, Canada, in 1991. He grew up working in the bus ministry beside his father and saw hundreds of souls accept the Lord as their personal Savior. On March 22, 1994, at the age of thirteen, he surrendered his life to God to preach the Gospel under the preaching of Dr. Jack Hyles. His first time preaching was street preaching to an audience of a few hundred people in front of Niagara Falls.

In September of 1999, he attended Hyles-Anderson College where he met his wife Julia. He continued his work on the bus ministry where he also became a bus captain and saw many children and adults come to Christ. At the age of twenty-six he received an invitation to be the youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church. Here he has worked as a youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, academy Bible teacher, bus driver, financial officer and now pastor.

Pastor Flores and his wife now have three beautiful children, Emily, Amberly and Ian. As a family, they are eager to serve, their community by sharing the Word of God. His biggest goal in life is, to live his life to please God and those who invested their lives so this young man would get to know how AWESOME GOD IS. His plan for the community is to show them that God still answers prayer, forgives sin and can heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Paul Provost was born in the Florida Keys in 1965. His family moved to central Florida in 1970 where he attend Orlando Baptist Temple and then Palm Spring Drive Baptist Church. After his mother's death in 1974 he moved back to the Keys to live with his grandparents where he attended Key West Baptist Temple. At the age of ten he went through the motions of a conversion but did not accept Christ as his Savior. His father remarried in 1977 and Bro. Provost moved back to central Florida and attended Palmetto Ave. Baptist Church. In his teen years he drifted away from church and was drawn to worldly pleasures.

At the age of nineteen a new leaf was turned over and a moral life was lived including church attendance and Christian service. In the fall of 1987 Bro. Provost started attending Atlantic Baptist Bible College. He was saved the following school year in November. In July of 1989 he married Cindy, and had his first child, Rachael, one year later. A few months after graduating in May of 1991 he moved to Miami, began attending Grace Baptist Church and working at Grace Baptist Academy. His second child, Ruthanne, was born in 1993.


Jorge Calderon was born in Guatemala City in 1968. He was saved in March of 1991 and involved himself in a local Baptist Church; After a few months he and his future wife, Cely, met Carlos Donate, a missionary to the deaf people in Guatemala. He was married in 1994, and then called to serve full time. He taught children's Sunday School classes and a few years later served with the teen department.

In May of 2006, he came to Miami to complete his Bible studies, and after four years of training he graduated. During his studying he had the privilege to work in the Spanish ministry and oversee the maintenance department. At the present time he is an assistant pastor at Grace Baptist Church teaching an adult Spanish Sunday school class.

He has a burden for more souls to get save, baptized, and added to the church. His goal is for people to know that there is a light house in this city, and reach them with the truth.
Romans 12:11-12

He is so thrilled with what the Lord is doing in the church, and was willing to do whatever the Lord wants him to do, to see this church grow.


Dustin Wyatt was saved on August 24, 2009 at a camp meeting. For the first nineteen years of his life he did not know Christ as his Savior. He did not grow up in a Christian home and was into many worldly things many believed to be fun. God then got his attention one night at a football game where he was injured. He spent time in the hospital thinking, "What am I going to do now? I don't have football anymore." That's when God started to work in his life.

A friend invited him to go to a camp meeting and in this camp meeting he accepted Christ as his Saviour. His life changed and Bro. Wyatt started attending church every time the doors were open. Three months later God called him to preach. After another three months after that he went off to Bible College. After changing colleges he completed four years and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Theology. After college he meet Pastor Flores and was shown Pastor's vision for Miami. He knew then and there that God wanted him in Miami to bring this city to Christ. He is blessed to be an assistant pastor at Grace Baptist Church where we have a heart for people. He said his goals are, "to uplift my Savior and help my Pastor reach Miami for Christ."