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Pastor Alex Flores

Grace Baptist Academy


Grace Baptist Academy is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. We are not simply a private school, but a Baptist Christian School. We use and teach only the King James Bible; and since we are a Baptist School; we teach the Baptist Doctrine. We are not charismatic in doctrine, nor non-denominational. We have firm convictions and high standards in order to please God.

Philosophy of Education

Grace Baptist Academy is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church and has been established to help families provide a place to train their children to be disciples of Christ and serve God. The family was established by God to train the child in all areas of life. God also established the church for the purpose of reaching those who have not been taught the spiritual truths God intended. The Christian school allows the parents to be confident that their children are being taught what has been instilled at home and through the local church. This can only be accomplished when the home, the church, and the school are focused on the same goal.

With this in mind, it is vital that all parents enrolling children at Grace Baptist Academy wholly agree with the doctrine and direction of Grace Baptist Church which are the same for Grace Baptist Academy. When a child is placed in our school and the family does not follow the doctrine and direction of the church it only leads to confusion and conflict in the thoughts and actions of the child. It must be understood that the primary goal is to train Christian young people to be disciples of Christ who want to serve Him. Students are taught to have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5).

The primary reason Christian education was started was to assist the parents in completing the child's training in all areas of life. Grace Baptist Academy is not just an academic institution. We understand that a child must grow as Christ grew to become what God wants. (Luke 2:52). This is done by focusing on the four areas Christ developed in His life.

The first and most important area is "in favor with God" (spiritual). It is clear from Biblical teaching that a foundation must be laid before any building can be erected. Without this spiritual foundation all other building is worthless. The Bible is the foundation for all teaching in our school. Along with a daily Bible class, each subject incorporates biblical teachings and principles. We want each student and family members to know Jesus as their personal Savior and to live by the teachings of the Bible.

The second area that is addressed is wisdom (academics). Only through Biblical and general knowledge will a child learn to make the choice God wants. We use a traditional curriculum and practical teaching methods. Each student is taught to be personally responsible for their learning and is encouraged to do their best for God.

The last two areas that Christ also developed in were "stature and favor with man" (physical and social). Our physical education program is in place to direct students to have more activity and interaction. We also offer many opportunities to serve and help others.

The goal of Grace Baptist Academy is to assist the home and the church to disciple each student: spiritually, physically, socially and academically. Because God requires a vessel unto honor, standards for personal conduct, a conservative and modest dress code, and proper conduct outside of the church/school setting are provided. The principles of being lead by the Spirit and having the mind of Christ is the basis of our disciplinary system. Each student must honor God, parents, authorities etc. , along with respecting others. A student must have his appearance and actions reflect the mind of Christ along with having wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to be a disciple of Christ and a servant of God. This make it easily understood why the Bible is the basis for our educational program. The Bible is taught so that the student will develop biblical values that will direct every step of his life.

Grace Baptist Academy has a GIANT goal to accomplish:

  1. To Guide students into a life-time of service for Christ
  2. To Instill traditional American values
  3. To Allow students to achieve their full potential
  4. To Nurture students in character development
  5. To Train students with excellent academics

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Admissions Policy

Grace Baptist Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, ethnic origin, or social standing. However, if the student is a teenager and does not want to attend our school, we will not accept them for enrollment. The student must desire to attend our school willingly and abide by the rules. If a student was expelled from their previous school they will not be able to enroll in our school. We are not a reform school and cannot successfully change your child's behavior; only God can. Each student will be accepted into Grace Baptist Academy based upon their desire to be motivated to serve God and to successfully perform spiritually, academically and socially. Parents must be fully committed to the doctrinal beliefs and ministry direction. The family is encouraged to attend at least one preaching service each week.


Grace Baptist Academy uses ACE curriculum. The teacher will instruct the students traditionally and then they will work in their books independently. With ACE, we are able to reach many types of learning capabilities. Each child learns differently. Some learn better with the teacher instructing in front of the class, while others may be too easily distracted, and studying independently is better for them. Both systems of learning are incorporated to help every child learn.


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